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Additives for cars: use, types, and benefits

Engine additives are ambiguous products which drivers treat with varying degrees of confidence. Some argue that their engines only function properly through the constant use of additives, while others believe that "automotive chemicals" added to the engine or petrol tank only harm to the car. Different cars have different engines, and it is practically impossible to determine how much influence a car additive has on a particular engine. However, common tests show that the harm to the engine from additives is largely a myth if they're used for their intended purpose, according to the instructions.

Today, car owners have the opportunity to buy additives for cars, and as a result, the lives of their cars' operation is more than doubled. Lubricant compositions appeared on the market relatively recently, but numerous drivers have already evaluated the advantages of their use. The oil additives and fuel additives offered by Great Lakes Lubricants' online auto parts store are tested and certified in accordance with the laws of the American market. Therefore, the quality of these products is quite high.

What is the function of additives? 

Engine additives can be used regardless of weather conditions. They are added to the engine oil, which results in the cleaning of the internal surfaces of the engine — also, its parts are restored and protected from premature wear. The unique composition creates a protective layer on the rubbing surfaces, which gives them increased wear resistance. Generally, additives can be divided into 4 categories:

  • Oil additives
  • Petrol additives
  • Diesel fuel additives
  • Cooling system additives

Why should you use additives on a car?

Engine additives effectively eliminate problem areas in the engine, level the surface at the molecular scale, and form a protective layer which retains a large amount of oil. Their common aim is to improve the properties of a fluid such as oil, petrol or diesel, etc. Their application allows users to:

  • Prolong engine life
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Increase engine power
  • Reduce noise and vibration
  • Eliminate wear when the engine is cold starting
  • Reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere
  • Restore the engine and units to nominal values

There is a long list of additives manufacturers. Their additives are intended for engines of different types, volumes, and intensities of operation. If you are interested in inexpensive, high-quality oil and fuel additives, visit our online store, where we carry a wide range. We cooperate with world-famous brands that produce additives for cars, such as:

  • Lucas
  • iLast

These additives have unique characteristics, and a number of advantages over conventional analogs.

Sale and delivery of engine additives is carried out in Franklin Park, to other cities of Illinois and all over the USA. Great Lakes Lubricants' online auto parts store guarantees optimal delivery times for purchased goods. To get more information about additives, costs, and delivery dates — and to place an order — consult our qualified experts by phone.