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Air filter for cars

The auto air filter can be called "car' lungs": all air entering the engine passes through it, and the quality of the filter directly affects the normal motor operation - the main and, perhaps, the most expensive unit of the car. The average vehicle consumes up to 15 m³ of atmospheric air per 100 km of a car mileage. If this air is not cleaned, the dust and dirt from the road will get inside the engine. This will lead to a deterioration of the engine operation and, ultimately, to repairing. Save yourself the price of costly future repairs by upgrading to one of the performance air filters for cars that the Great Lakes Lubricants auto parts online offers for your specific ride.

Car air filter also performs a noise silencer function, as well as a regulator of the temperature of the combustible mixture in gasoline engines. As the auto air filter is clogged, its resistance to air flow increases and, consequently, the amount of air entering the engine decreases. In certain regimes, this leads to enrichment of the mixture, and hence to incomplete combustion.

Accordingly, the engine's power parameters are reduced; fuel consumption and concentration of toxic substances in exhaust gases are increased. The premature replacement of the cabin air filters is the guarantee of saving the engine life without causing problems and the best protection from such troubles. Experience improved fuel economy, power gains and an all-around better feeling with each drive when you replace your auto air filter!

Car air filter types

Four types of car air filters are available for use and install in the vehicle:

  • Paper Filters, made of biodegradable paper, cheap and simple to replace. They must be replaced with greater frequency than their counterparts generally every 5,000 – 10,000 miles.
  • Oil Bath Filters, made from an insert of paper, fiber, mesh or a comparable substance fitted over a pan of oil. This filter would capture air contaminants in the oil pool. The fiber insert would then capture the lighter particles.
  • Foam Filters, available with different foam grades and thicknesses, affecting the dirt capacity and airflow resistance. Perfectly suits for cars to endure very dusty conditions.
  • High-Performance Filters, made of cotton gauze tend to be more expensive than other filters and are available for a purchase of sports cars, road rally cars, competition trucks owners or those who simply wish to increase the air intake and engine power would be interested in high-performance filters.

The knowledgeable experts at the Great Lakes Lubricants auto parts online store can assist you in determining the best air filter for cars. Please, contact us immediately!