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Original antifreeze and cooling fluids

Some car drivers believe that the cooling system should only be taken care of when something goes wrong. This is not true. Engine coolant constantly and intensively "works," and after a while, its properties change. The most common name for the cooling liquid is antifreeze.

What is good antifreeze?

Antifreeze is a cooling liquid which ensures long-term, trouble-free operation of a car's engine. Antifreeze coolant is used universally, since it does not freeze at low ambient temperatures or boil at high temperatures. When selecting an engine coolant, the choice should be based on properties and characteristics; you don't need to worry about the color of the antifreeze, since that's not an effective way to choose one. 

Coolant service life

During operation, the cooling fluid is aging. It means that the concentration of inhibitors and heat transfer gradually decreases, the propensity for foaming increases, and unprotected metals intensively corrode. Coolant service life directly depends on the quality of cooling fluid and the number of miles driven. For modern cars, the correct conditions for antifreeze replacement can be more than 5 years or 250,000 km of mileage.

How to choose antifreeze

If you look at our assortment, the first thing that catches the eye is the many colors of antifreeze: Yellow, red, green, and blue. Color doesn't play any role, and the dyes that are added to antifreeze do not affect its quality. Therefore, the manufacturers mark their goods. Coolants of different colors can be mixed with each other, but mixing different brands is generally not a good idea. The combination of antifreeze can lead to a murky shade under the interaction of different additives. In this case, antifreeze loses its original protective properties and precipitates. However, if you need to mix antifreezes, it is worthwhile to apply one that's universal.

Buy antifreeze coolant that's been recommended by the manufacturer. If there's no such common standard available, just follow these rules:

  • Do not mix antifreezes of different brands
  • Add antifreeze from the same manufacturer
  • If you can't find the necessary type, then completely drain all the remaining antifreeze, clean the cooling system, and pour a new portion of the qualitative cooling liquid

Be careful when choosing car antifreeze. First, learn its technical characteristics--then, your car's engine will always remain stable and reliable! 

We advise you to buy antifreeze at branded points of sale, or through official suppliers in online stores. One way to protect yourself from trouble is to purchase goods that have positive reviews, from manufacturers with solid reputations. For more information, consult the experts of Great Lakes Lubricants' online auto parts store. You'll get detailed information about assortments, prices, delivery dates, and orders.