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Car battery terminal is a very useful little thing!

When the winter comes and the air temperature is very low, it is the time when the most of the drivers begin to inspect their car battery. It happens that it is discharged and does not start. At the same time, the drivers find the oxidized battery terminals of their car battery. Of course, they can be cleaned with soda or sandpaper but doing it at a temperature of -15°C is not comfortable, isn't it? Please note that it is best to prepare the car battery for cold season overdue. Indeed, in order not to be late, it is better to buy the automotive battery terminals right now. Or just take them "in the load" to other products, they certainly will not be superfluous.

Are your automotive battery terminals oxidized? For their replacement, you need the battery terminals for the car and 2 torque wrenches to replace. Usually, the drivers use universal top post-epoxy-coated battery terminals. Epoxy coating aids in polarity identification and protects against corrosion. The package includes 2 color-coded items to aid in polarity identification (one positive & one negative epoxy coated terminal). It is designed to replace corroded, damaged, or worn out battery cable terminals. Car battery terminals we offer fits 6-1 gauge terminals. 

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