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Auto floor mats: interior accessories for your car

The car interior mostly depends on such important additions as car floor mats, car seat covers, steering wheel covers and other interesting accessories. They significantly change the car interior creating a unified style. At this page, you can buy auto floor mats for all popular car brands and models.

The vast majority of car enthusiasts consider floor mats for cars to be a completely unremarkable auto accessory that doesn't require special attention when choosing. But in fact, the irreplaceable functionality that car mats provide causes their acquisition in the first place. Often, drivers buy any mat they've found and almost ignore its quality and features. Such an approach is fraught with disappointment from the purchase because the car floor mats differ in dozens of important features. Trying to buy a mat at random will not allow you to get from it what you expect in the car interior.

Car floor mats: custom or universal model

The main goal of the auto floor mats is primarily to protect the original flooring from all kinds of liquid, dirt, mud, and debris from damaging or staining your car interior keeping it clean. Equally important is the aesthetic function, after all, a beautiful and high-quality mat is able to decorate the car interior.  Of course, it will happen in case of purchasing a custom floor mat made specifically for the car model. It's a great option but sometimes it’s very expensive as they need to be custom-fitted to your car. An alternative to a custom-fitted mat is a universal car floor mat. This is an ideal model that can be trimmed to fit better in your car interior, if you want to save money, and have something 'hand-made'. They are suitable for any car. Often, these mats are less expensive than custom-fit options. Find the right accessory customizing for your interior and use!

Auto floor mats variety

Car floor mats are used to enhance the look of your interior as well as protect your valuable investment. The custom car mats are available in:

  • Carpet car mats. Having a good look they continue the car interior style but difficulty cleaned from dirt.
  • Rubber car mats. They are easy to clean and do not absorb moisture but rarely have a presentable look.
  • A mix of the two.

As to the car trunk floor mats they are usually made of rubber, PVC or rubberized plastic with edges. Such an accessory is used to protect the trunk by reducing the possibility of liquid, dirt, mud, spilled water, oil or debris.

When choosing floor mats for cars, pay attention to the following features:

  • Excellent wear characteristics;
  • Durability;
  • Odorless rubber;
  • The rubber flexibility and softness that mold to your car floor;
  • The sewing quality of carpet floor mat.

 To preserve the car interior carpeting in primeval purity, we recommend buying floor mats for cars model that are made taking into account all the features of the interior and cover the maximum possible floor surface area. If for some reason you could not find suitable mats for your car on at the Great Lakes Lubricants auto parts website, please check the availability of the model you need by phoning the manager.