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Full synthetic oil: lubricants designed for complete protection without compromise!

World oil manufacturers tirelessly strive to produce the most technologically advanced, highest performing motor oils on the market nowadays.  No secret that synthetic oil performs better than mineral ones. Mineral oils are simply purified crude oil while synthetic ones are manufactured by the laboratory way. They are designed to provide a higher level of engine protection against wear and high temperatures - two factors that can cause oil damage and reduce its efficiency. In addition, when using synthetic oils, the resistance level in the engine is lower, so this engine shows higher power and fuel economy compared to engines running on mineral oils. There are two types of synthetic oils:

  • Semi-synthetic motor oil;
  • Full synthetic motor oil.

What is Full Synthetic Oil?

Full synthetic engine oil does not contain any mineral components. It is manufactured on the 100% synthetic base raw materials with high-quality additives to achieve a high level of efficiency ensuring reliable engine protection. The optimum combination of these components is designed to provide high fluidity and stable viscosity of the oil, help prevent wear and corrosion, reduce friction intensity and keep the engine cleaning power and overall performance. As a result, this fluid product perfectly lubricates operating details in a wide range of temperatures and engine operating conditions. In addition, you needn't change them often because synthetic oils are more durable.

How do you choose the oil?

The most reliable option is to look for fully synthetic oil that provides optimal operating features. So you do not have to sacrifice efficiency in one area at the expense of another. Also, be sure to choose full synthetic motor oil or semi-synthetic oil based on high-quality base oils to provide reliable protection and excellent operation.

Before quality engine oil choosing, check the manufacturer's recommendations in the car's manual or contact the Great Lakes Lubricants online store manager to find out more about the full synthetic oil or other types suit for your car in the specific driving conditions.