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Car grease: high-quality automotive chemistry

Car grease is a preserving agent designed to facilitate the performance of most automotive parts. It is necessary to periodically lubricate them with special aids in order to ensure their service preserves as long as possible.

Auto grease benefits and types

Primarily, automotive grease should be stable, unmixed with water, have anti-seizure compounds and other properties. High-temperature lubricants are targeted for use in the very high-temperature range (up to 400°C) unchanging their properties when the temperature rises, being ready for sudden changes. Depending on the active substance, they are divided into several types - plastic, calcium, lithium, graphite and silicone greases. Choosing the correct type of lubricant is very crucial because it also determines the life of the automotive parts. We sell high-temperature greases for use in various automotive components as well as in motor vehicles.

Grease lubricant: use and functions

Some auto parts such as bearings, joints, and hinges require an additional protection. So, lubrication is necessary to counteract friction as much as possible using in all mechanical devices. Car grease doesn't allow sticking and squashing, thus preventing premature wear of parts. In addition, high-quality car grease will protect the car from moisture and corrosion. Otherwise, besides the actual lubrication, auto greases are targeted:

  • Reduce friction;
  • Prevent wear;
  • Protect cover against corrosion.

How is high-quality car grease defined by?

As proper car grease is an absolute necessity, selection of high-quality lubricants is defined by a number of parameters:

  • The right viscosity which protects parts from friction and corrosion;
  • Stability (ability not to mix with water, to evaporate and to foam, etc.);
  • High degree of chemical stability that doesn't impair changing the structure in reacting with other materials;
  • The ability to protect parts from the effects of corrosive environments;
  • The ability to maintain its properties under temperature changes;
  • Constant unimpeded access to all rubbing details;
  • As well as, environmental function, minimal toxicity, and affordable price.

The Great Lakes Lubricants auto parts store offers its customers iLast greases, which physicochemical and operational properties are repeatedly confirmed in practice. In our catalog, there is a wide selection of grease lubricants for your car. All goods are certified. We will deliver the order to any city of Illinois or entire the USA in the shortest possible time. The quality and speed of transportation are carefully monitored. We are ready to work with both retail and wholesale customers. Our goal is not just to sell parts to you, but also to help you to equip your car with quality and speed. We provide a balance of high-quality goods and price. Contact our managers to get detail information if necessary.