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Car hose clamps for efficient, hermetic and quality installation

The hose clamp is a simple device in order to preserve the reliability of all hose connection. Auto hose clamps are designed to seal hoses, hinge pockets, to secure the conduit supports, harnesses and for some other purposes. Previously, a wire was used to fix the two parts. Though it is still a popular option for fastening, the hose clamp has become the prominent technology device.

Hose clamps use

Car hose clamps are designed for fast and easy clamping flexible hoses of various car systems, especially small diameter hoses or larger diameter pipes with thinner walls. These devices guarantee sufficient pressure along the entire circumference of the hose. Their design allows the clamps to be reliably clamped without damage. Devices are equipped with mobile fixatives.

When servicing certain parts of the car, it is necessary to squeeze the system hoses to avoid leakage of the working fluid. The various auto hose clamps can be bought in the Great Lakes Lubricants online auto accessories store. The following devices are available in the catalog:

  • Cooling system hose clamps;
  • Brake hose clamps;
  • Fuel hose clamps;
  • Heating and air conditioning systems hose clamps
  • Other hose clamps.

Our products benefits

  • Hose clamps provide reliable grip in almost any position;
  • They do not damage internal insulation;
  • Clamps reliably cover and fix nozzles of different diameters when checking the radiator integrity or other parts of the cooling system;
  • The clamps are made of high-quality material that does not damage the rubber of the nozzles during compression;
  • Car hose clamps are used for professional activities: car service, small mechanic shops, etc.

Our advice on hose clamps choosing

  1. Inspect thoroughly the device before purchasing. It should not have sharp edges, damage, burrs, etc.
  2. Qualitative hose clamps always have an indication of the size and diameter for which they are intended, as well as the manufacturer's trademark.
  3. Don't purchase clamps without specifying the manufacturer since you can get the defective product and this is fraught with the future necessity of hoses replacement.
  4. Be sure of specifying the necessary and maximum amount of tightening what tools it should be carried out.  This information is directly indicated on some hose clamps.

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