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Automotive pump equipment: useful tools to keep in the trunk of your car

Even if you completely inflate the tires at the mechanic shop, then you still need this product for their periodic fill-up. Therefore, automotive pump equipment should always be a frequently essential device in the trunk of the car. So do not hesitate but rather purchase this magic tool here! The Great Lakes Lubricants auto parts store provides you with a good product selection at the affordable prices and serves at a high level! The automotive pumps assortment at our online store includes various models of SAMSON and MODERNGRIP manufacturers. At the same time, we can offer you both hand and foot operated pumps, pneumatic air pumps as well as electric pump equipment, pump kits, pumps with pressure gauge, etc.

Types of devices

A mechanical pump is considered the most budget option for purchase. As you know the tires inflating process occurs through the driver' physical force was applied. Depending on the design and use all automotive pumps can be divided into:

  • Foot-operated pumps;
  • Hand-operated pumps.

Their purchasing fully depends on their features and your preferences - what the more comfortable for you inflating is. The mechanical design has other significant Pros - a simple folding structure and lightweight that makes this type of pump compact and easy to carry.

What do we offer our customers?

All automotive pump equipment at our auto parts store is made of wear-resistant materials; the body and the bulb are usually metal. The foot-operated pump pedal is covered with anti-slip and wear-resistant rubber. Many devices for extra stability have rubber feet too. The most popular among the foot pumps are the reinforced models that have a thick frame and stem. Such pumps serve the owners much longer. Of course, most devices have a built-in pressure gauge for measuring pressure in order to know exactly how effective the device is. The hand-operated pump is made in the form of the letter "T" where the pump cylinder is placed vertically. The device itself is simple and inexpensive but such a pump doesn't usually stack up. The hand-operated pumps presented on our website are very convenient to use. Moreover, they have an attractive design.

Finally, it's very easy to buy pump equipment for cars at the Great Lakes Lubricants auto parts online store. You can either create an order from a shopping cart or contact our manager by phone listed on the website. We certainly give you detailed information about assortments, prices, delivery dates, and orders.