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Car fuel tank: everything you ought to know about it

The automotive fuel tank is an important constructive component of the entire fuel system of the internal combustion engine (ICE). It serves for storage of automobile fuel, i.e. gasoline, gas, diesel fuel, etc. It performs functions in fuel leakage preventing as well as emissions of hazardous substances formed during the evaporation of fuel.

Fuel tank and its features

Typically, fuel tank in a passenger car is mounted directly under the rear seat in the most protected area from a rear impact. For more reliable fixing of a fuel tank on a body of the car special tape clamps are used. The lower part of the car fuel tank is protected by a metal plate on some vehicles. The heat-insulating pads are used to protect the fuel tank from overheating that may occur due to its contact with the exhaust pipe. The automotive fuel tank is designed for each car model that takes into account the design features of the car. For today, the manufacturers use the following material for manufacturing a fuel tank:

  • Metal (steel and aluminum alloy). Metal fuel tanks differ in wear resistance, reliability, and strength, but they have limitations in their shape.
  • Plastic. The use of high-density plastic makes it possible to manufacture car fuel tanks of any size and configuration. They are very resistant to corrosion and scratches.

The car fuel tank can be of various shapes, sometimes rather complex ones. The matter is that modern constructive decisions of fuel tanks of cars are so various and directed on the reduction of a borrowed space but thus provide necessary minimum of a stock of fuel.

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