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Ecogard filters: quality items for your specific application

Automotive filters are designed to remove impurities from an engine, transmission, lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids, as well as the air coming into the car's interior and the internal combustion engine (ICE). Ecogard filters are the trusted devices for a complete automotive filters' line that combine standard quality with available market-leading value. They meet all the installers' requirements for maintaining new car warranties. All the company products are fit-tested in US laboratory to ensure trouble-free installation and reliable performance.

Ecogard filters are represented in the relevant market segment in the following types:

  • Conventional Oil Filters;
  • Synthetic Oil Filters;
  • Air Filters;
  • Cabin Air Filters;
  • Fuel Filters;
  • Transmission Filters;
  • As well as Ecogard engine oil filter cartridge.

Each category has its own benefits and features.

Ecogard air filters for the engine are designed to clean the air used by the engine during fuel combustion. Using these filters, abrasive particles of dust, dirt, small insects, etc, are cleaned. High-quality air filters provide almost 100% protections, thus significantly prolonging the life of the engine. It is worth mentioning about air interior filters. These cabin air filters reliably protect not only from exhaust gases and other toxic compounds but also neutralize any unpleasant odors in the car interior.

Ecogard engine oil filters are designed to remove oil third-party particles from the engine as well as carbon and water residues. They filter out and clear the contaminants of the motor oil as it circulates. The type of oil filter and its size are selected based on the brand of a specific car.

A complete line of car filters provided by Ecogard manufacturer is promoted at the Great Lakes Lubricants online auto parts store. Please, contact us to get more information about Ecogard filters and Ecogard engine oil filter cartridge in order to make a purchase at any convenient time and at an affordable price.