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Car bulbs: your reliable guide on the roads

Automotive bulbs are one of the main sources of auto lighting. A normalized light inside the car making the most comfortable conditions for the driver is their goal. Besides, such devices are also used as headlamps. In this way, they illuminate the road at night or poor visibility condition - during rain, fog, blowing snow, etc.

Car light bulbs guide

All manufactured automotive lighting applications available on the market in a wide range wield the individual technical characteristics and operational features. Such devices can be classified into five main categories by the principle of their design and configurations and can feature varying degrees of light output:

  • Incandescent light bulbs, the most simplified category of automotive bulbs made of high-quality silicate glass.  Manufacturers place a special inert gas inside the bulb, and the sources of combustion of such devices are tungsten filaments. They are able to withstand a very long service life and provide a very bright luminescence. Such car light bulbs are usually realized at an affordable price.
  • Xenon bulbs, characterized by excellent quality and range of luminescence in order to a long-term sustain. Their design doesn't provide for an incandescent spiral presence. Such bulbs are most commonly installed on the majority of modern cars targeting driving beam headlamps and passing beam headlamps.
  • Xenon HID bulbs characterized by the most high-quality luminescence in order to a long-term sustain. Its range is more than enough to provide both high-quality driving-beam and dipped beam headlamps on an impressive stretch of road. They produce far more light than standard halogen bulbs. HID's also have a strong, white light, sometimes with a blue tint that makes your car stand out from the crowd. Such bulbs are most commonly installed on the majority of modern cars 
  • Halogen bulbs, resembling traditional incandescent bulbs in their characteristic features. The main difference between them is an internal filling: halogen lights contain a gas (usually a combination of nitrogen and argon, and a tungsten filament) encased in a glass tube. The average lifespan of such car bulbs is five hundred hours of continuous combustion. Careful using of a quality halogen bulb you can count on the fact that it will last about ten years. 
  • LED bulbs have become a novelty in the market of similar devices. The source of light in such equipment is a specialized bulb which is formed from semiconductor crystals. Their small size enables them to be arranged into virtually any design which makes them ideal for customization fans. But LED bulbs also have their own drawbacks. LEDs create a small amount of heat at the emitter when electricity passes through since this location is close to a number of sensitive cables and other electrical components this. This is why they require cooling in the form of fans and heat sinks to keep them from melting.

Tips for choosing the right bulbs for your car 

Choosing automotive bulbs is a process that must be approached with the greatest possible responsibility. The life of a driver often depends on such equipment. Experienced drivers are most often guided by the reputation of the manufacturer of such technical devices. It is also important to determine the optimal type of such a bulb. Just make a list of your requirements for such device and try to choose the most appropriate option for it. If the price isn’t too big of an obstacle, then use HID bulbs for better illumination. But if you’re looking for something better for efficiency and the environment then LED is the way to go.

Whatever you drive, your visibility is essential. The Great Lakes Lubricants auto parts store offers a wide variety of automotive light bulbs that provide greater safety and style to make the most of your driving experience. Contact us to identify replacement bulbs for your car, van, truck, etc., or to learn more about the car light bulbs to avoid unpleasant surprises and accidents on the roads.