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Chevron oil is the best oil promoted in the American market!

Chevron is a large US corporation engaged in the energy industry. At the moment, Chevron has a fairly wide program associated with the production of motor oils, so that the needs of customers in all world countries can be fully satisfied. Chevron produces mineral Chevron oils as well as synthetic Chevron lubricants with a wide range of viscosity, and price range. The company presents the most current specifications, and in addition - the nominal tolerances of this or that automaker.

Pros & Cons

Chevron lubricants are rightly classified as high-quality products that are part of the premium group.

Due to the high degree of viscosity, Chevron engine oil does not change properties in the temperature range -50 / + 150°C. It safely protects the internal combustion engine from corrosion. There are no harmful impurities in the composition. Synthetic Chevron oil is of low cost compared to other similar products. But there are some disadvantages. It badly combined with sealing materials, for example, oil seals. Sometimes they lose elasticity, noticeable shrinkage of parts. To cope with such negative phenomena, esters are added to the Chevron oils. Some types of additives are poorly soluble in base oil.

Chevron oil’ products

The assortment of consumables of the company is wide enough. It includes:

  • Motor oils intended for cars and trucks;
  • Transmission oils;
  • ATF lubricants used in the automatic transmission;
  • Cooling fluids.

Chevron Corporation produces all the types of the formulations:

  • Mineral oils;
  • Semi-synthetic oils;
  • Synthetic oils.

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