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Fleetguard engine filters: the best necessary items for your vehicle on the market!

Fleetguard company, a market-leading manufacturer and worldwide designer of filtration products and exhaust systems for heavy-duty diesel-powered equipment, promote engine air, fuel and hydraulic filters manufactured using the latest technology, cooling system filters, a full range of products for operation in extreme climatic conditions as well as all kinds of related tools and accessories. Fleetguard fuel filters line offers optimum protection for fuel systems and, ultimately, reduced operating costs. It includes remote fuel cleaning systems, fuel separators and fuel filters designed exclusively for electronic engines - the best choice for those wishing to extend service intervals and increase the uptime of the car.

What filters does Fleetguard company produce?

Fleetguard products line presents the following types of car filters:

  • Fleetguard hydraulic filters, designed for cleaning oil in hydraulic systems of special equipment as well as the wear protection of expensive parts of pumps, valves, etc. working under high pressure;
  • Fleetguard air filters used to filter out air masses in compact engine compartments characterized by high throughput and dirt capacity;
  • Fleetguard engine fuel filters, used for cleaning of fuel from impurities, a separator of water separation, built-in fuel heating - a possibility of an easy start-up in cold weather;
  • Fleetguard water filters, used for early failure preventing of the water pump, the cooling system, and ultimately the car engine; 
  • Fleetguard oil filters, specially designed for modern Cummins engines, and have increased mud capacity and maximum throughput;
  • Fleetguard heavy duty filters, available for a variety of diesel engine equipment ranging from heavy-duty diesel engines to 4WDs.

Fleetguard products are used for a wide variety of applications including light to heavy-duty trucks, industrial equipment, marine, mining, agriculture and power generation. Car filters of this brand are in great demand all over the world.  You can buy the original Fleetguard products such as Fleetguard fuel filter, Fleetguard engine fuel filters, Fleetguard hydraulic filters, Fleetguard heavy duty filters, etc., at the Great Lakes Lubricants online auto parts store contacting our managers who surely consult you on any possible items you require.