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Lucas lubricants, chemicals and additives

Our online auto accessories store Great Lakes Lubricants offers drivers an extensive range of motor oils on a synthetic and semi-synthetic basis from Lucas, the leading American brand. They are designed for lubrication of diesel and gasoline engines for various purposes - cars and trucks, motor vehicles, motorboats, sports cars, etc. Excellent quality, irreproachable performance, tangible reductions in engine wear - these are the main arguments in favor of the choice of Lucas lubricants. A wide range of products provides you choosing the lubricants, chemicals, and additives ideally suited to your car operating conditions.

Lucas motor oil was developed and created in US modern scientific, technical and testing centers. It's the embodiment not only of the accumulated engineers experience in the development of effective lubricants, but also carry the latest developments in chemistry, chemotherapy, and innovative technologies for protecting engines and transmission systems. So, they correspond and exceed the latest standards of automotive manufacturers' requirements. In addition, they have an honest and affordable price remaining available for every car owner. Buying Lucas engine oil, you pay only for effective protection but not for the brand or the seller' services.

Why is it worth to buy Lucas engine oils?

Main Lucas lubricants benefits:

  • Fuel economy;
  • Engine life durability;
  • Heat and friction protection;
  • Oil consumption and emissions reducing;
  • Engine wear’ preventing;
  • A high level of cleanliness providing and the engine protection against burning pollution;
  • Corrosion resistant;
  • Optimum engine protection in extreme temperatures and in conditions of high operating.

Assortment products

In our catalog, you will easily find lubricants and other products for your car and equipment, including:

  • Engine oils;
  • Transmission fluids;
  • Grease;
  • Fuel system cleaners;
  • Hydraulic oils;
  • Other products.

In addition, we offer a wide range of additives to improve the quality of petroleum products.

If you have any doubts concerning your choice and need an advice, contact us. The Great Lakes Lubricants manager will tell you in detail about this or that type of Lucas motor oil, Lucas chemicals, and Lucas additives in order to choose right products that perfectly meet your needs.