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Cable ties: irreplaceable tools used in the widest installation area

Cable ties have many aliases such as cable clamps, cable-benders, etc. Cable ties are great for bundling wire, cable, hoses, ducts and countless other applications. They are made of different materials and have excellent features:

  • High strength;
  • Great plasticity;
  • Resistant to low and extreme temperatures.

What are cable ties and what are they for?

Cable ties are universal tools for many types of installation work. The product is used to connect several cables, wires or thin pipes into a single bundle preventing them from spoiling and entangling. Their use greatly facilitates the care of wires.

Cable ties look like a strip of flexible plastic (metal, nylon, etc) of a certain width: the value of the load being maintained depends on this parameter. One end of the product is a tapered strip covered by protruding risks, which fix the anchorage. At the other end, there is a fixing unit, in which a strip is stretched.

Cable ties are characterized by the following parameters:

  • Width, mm;
  • Length, mm;
  • Maximum load, kg;
  • The maximum girth, mm.

The Great Lakes lubricants auto parts online store assortment presents:

  • One-use cable ties, designed for quick fixing;
  • Reusable cable ties that can be used many times.

You have the opportunity to purchase black cable ties, as well as products that have sites for marking - heavy duty cable ties and wide cable ties.

Cable ties promoted by the Great lakes lubricants auto parts online store are automatically resistant to changes in temperature, high humidity, and aggressive household chemicals. All the products are certified according to international quality and safety standards. Cable ties are made of durable material, safe for human health and the environment. A factory warranty is provided for the goods.

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