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Car wash products: the best chemical agents for your car

Every driver should carefully keep under close scrutiny his automobile. All sorts of detergents and cleaners for the car are the important assistants in it. These are specially designed chemical agents that can be used for various component parts of the car. The inexpensive cost of these special car washing products makes their use doubly necessary.

Car cleaning products and their types

The car detergents essential to obtain an impeccable cleaning are available for those considering car wash options:

  • Non-contact car wash products for the automatic in-bay car washes or tunnel washes;
  • Detergents for hand washes and self-serve car washes.

Their difference is only in the way the car is washed. Contactless liquids are applied to the paint and varnish coating of the car after which it is washed off with water in car wash bay. Besides, contactless auto detailing is a very low chance to damage or scratch the car. The manual method assumes that after applying the detergent it needs to be washed off by hand using a sponge, rag or other means. By picking the best car detailing, you’re essentially giving your auto the least abrasive way to be thoroughly cleaned. However, the decision to use a certain car wash product and the way of car washing depends on your priorities and requirements.

Car wash products we offer

Washing a car is an excellent way to keep your auto in top visual shape. Washing and cleaning products for cars are presented in our Great Lakes Lubricants auto parts store with the following iLast products: 

  • Windshield washers;
  • Special liquid for washing glasses;
  • Shampoo concentrates;
  • Active foam in various packages;
  • Cleaning means for interior upholstery, doors, brakes, etc.;
  • Interior & bug removers;
  • Various detergents for the car body and for the car interior (cleaning soft, fabric surfaces);
  • Exterior detergents;
  • Engine cleaners spruce and air conditioning;
  • As well as various hand cleaners, brushes and wax applicators, etc.

You can buy with confidence knowing that you’re getting the best quality and low prices on car wash products from iLast manufacturer.

At Great Lakes Lubricants auto parts store you can find a wide variety of car cleaning products at affordable prices. A complete line of exterior car cleaning products is provided by iLast manufacturer. All means for cleaning and washing have a release date and all the necessary certificates. We are engaged in wholesale and retail sales. You can place an order with any convenient form or contact our manager to get more information. We invite you to choose and buy auto detailing in this section. Don’t miss our deals!