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Windscreen wipers: take care of your safety in any season!

Windscreen wipers are important devices affecting the overall condition of the driver and the car itself. All the year seasons contribute to the car wipers purchase, and must also be changed periodically. Don't underestimate the importance of installation or the timely replacement of these details. The absence of them causes inconsistency with safety rules and traffic regulations. The windscreen purity doesn't only perform an aesthetic function. Primarily, it is the possibility of free road inspection as well as the likelihood of accidents reduction and all sorts of road misunderstandings.

List of various windshield wipers elements

It is important to change the part of the device in time which is aimed just at cleaning. Contamination options can be different: dust, dirt, bird droppings, snow, hoarfrost and other elements of human life. To eliminate windscreen contamination, additional cleaning elements are replaceable:

  • Replacement rubber bands.  They serve to stabilize the windscreen surface creating a sucker effect but have the ability to damage from exposure to different temperatures.
  • Wiper blades. They are used for the most effective surface cleaning from more serious polluting factors. In collaboration with detergent, it creates a friction effect due to which the quality of "cleaning" increases.

Car wipers and their types

There is a huge selection of windshield wiper blades today, so let's see three main categories of them using in different circumstances:

  • Standard hinged wiper blades, used for decades and good all-around devices for an economic driver. They are using a lightweight stamped metal frame that has several pivots.
  • Hingeless wiper blades, all-around wiper blades which structure is made of flexible plastic.
  • Winter wiper blades are excellent for cold-weather use but in hot summer weather the rubber boot can deteriorate quickly and crack or tear. They use a metal frame and a rubber edge with the major exception being that the whole frame is encased in a thin rubber boot.

Choosing car wiper blades, first of all, you need to determine with the season of their use, and only then with their intensity because almost all modern car wiper blades have a large work cycle.

Choose car wiper blades for your car correctly!

If you decide to purchase new wiper blades, use Great Lakes Lubricants online auto accessories store. Here is a huge range as well as a detailed description and features of the devices you need. It is worth paying attention to the following product characteristics purchasing wipers:

  • Compatible mounts with your car;
  • Obvious and minor defects probability;
  • Rubber quality;
  • Size matched your windscreen.

These characteristics, like the type of construction, affect the final price. Be sure of the car wiper blades quality and their performance purchasing expensive products from well-known manufacturers.

Car wipers prices 

Listed at our website windshield wipers prices are honest, affordable and always completed. Purchasing car wiper blades here you are protected from hidden overpayments on deliveries commissions. We offer a choice for every taste and purse: the prices are in a wide range and absolutely correspond to the level of service at the Great Lakes Lubricants online auto accessories store.

Great Lakes Lubricants is totally focused on the customer, and fully responsible for its products and services. We can offer a qualitatively new service level and give the opportunity for millions of drivers to purchase windscreen wipers at an online store. Our goal is to maximize the quality prompting the main of the necessities that drivers need - good visibility along the way. We try to make your purchase as simple as possible ensuring the absence of hassle due to such trifles as car wipers. Our website gives an opportunity to buy them in the US out of the house and be sure of a positive result.