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iLAST car products: a new dimension in American auto market!

iLAST is a brand of auto parts and accessories for cars distinguished by the low cost of the products with its high quality. This positioning allows it to occupy a leading position in the American market. All the iLAST brand products underwent extensive tests in laboratories and correspond to certain API-certified parameters. iLAST brand is presented by the following car products in the auto market:

  • iLAST antifreeze
  • iLAST lubricants
  • iLAST grease
  • iLAST car wash products
  • iLAST additives

iLAST premium antifreeze products provide you with the best choices for your own particular needs, whether for business or personal use. They are available for heavy duty or light duty applications and maintenance, and also include specific lubricants in all-purpose lithium form, high-temperature grease, and 50/50 varieties. (ILAST PREMIUM GREEN CONCENTRATE ANTIFREEZE, ILAST PREMIUM LIGHT DUTY GOLD, ILAST PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY CONCENTRATE, etc.)

iLAST lubricants have a certain viscosity, pour point and flash point, have good anti-wear and detergency, stability and anti-corrosion. 

iLAST grease keeps your car running in top form. It's effective in protection from freeze-up, corrosion rusting and other problems that may occur, including clogging and boil-over. (ILAST All-PURPOSE LITHIUM GREASE, ILAST HI-TEMP RED GREASE, etc.)

iLAST additives promise an increased life of the engine, fuel economy and a returning the worn engine to its original state.

iLAST car wash products are presented by windshield washers, special liquid for glass washing, shampoo concentrates, "active foam" in various packages, other cleaners, particulate filter cleaner, various detergents for the car body and for the car interior, engine cleaners and air conditioner, foam waxes, brushes, etc.

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