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Petromerica oils: the price corresponds to quality

One of the most important factors of reliable engine operation and its durability is a right choice of car oil. Therefore, it is necessary to approach this issue with all responsibility. The best American brands of motor oils are well-known and popular not only in the US but the entire world. Recent years, such lubricant as Petromerica motor oil is quite competitive among reputed USA oil companies in the world market.

Petromerica oils benefits

Petromerica engine oil is high-quality engine lubricant designed for maximum engine protection even under the most difficult driving conditions. It exceeds the conventional motor oils, reduces friction, prevents wear on start-up, and protects the engine from sediment, varnish, and corrosion.

Quality Petromerica lubricants offer the following features and potential benefits:

  • Excellent parts lubrication and excellent anti-wear protection;
  • Superb thermal and oxidative stability and sludge resistance;
  • A good resistance to corrosion and rusting;
  • High viscosity index, low pour point and absence of wax;
  • High thermal conductivity;
  • Reliability and durability;
  • A democratic price.

Petromerica oils are recommended for:

  • Cars,
  • Light trucks,
  • Sports cars,
  • Other mobile and stationary engines.

Petromerica oil types

Original motor oil typically consists of about 80% base oil and 20% performance additives, such as anti-wear additives, antioxidants, dispersants and detergents that keep the engine clean, and viscosity index improves. Engine oils can contain mineral base oil, synthetic base oil, or semi-synthetic base oil. Petromerica motor oil line designed for car protection is promoted by the following oil types: 

  • Motor oil; 
  • Two-cycle engine oil;  
  • Hydraulic oil;  
  • Diesel oil; 
  • Fuel oil; 
  • Gear oils; 
  • Transmissions oil; 
  • Synthetic gear oil.

The Great Lakes Lubricants online auto parts store offers a wide selection of Petromerica oils that you can easily find for your particular automobile. Petromerica products are certified and conform to the American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. We guarantee the high-quality lubricants and fast delivery throughout the US in the shortest time. If you're a bit lost in a selection then contact our managers. We'll be more than happy to help you out!