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PREMIUM GUARD filters - № 1 in the car filter market!

Welcome to the page of the product line of car filter of PREMIUM GUARD manufacturer, the leader of automotive filters in the world! Its products are a guarantee of quality that has proven on the auto market. PREMIUM GUARD filters are produced to meet or exceed OEM performance, fit, form and function. 

The products that PREMIUM GUARD offers

PREMIUM GUARD filters line offers complete application coverage of automotive filters including: 

  • PREMIUM GUARD Car oil filters
  • PREMIUM GUARD Cabin air filters 
  • PREMIUM GUARD Diesel filters
  • PREMIUM GUARD Fuel filters
  • PREMIUM GUARD Truck filters.

Each of them ensures stable and reliable operation of the car; therefore it is necessary to monitor their functioning and to prevent failure.

PREMIUM GUARD filters and their use

PREMIUM GUARD Car oil filters provide cleaning of engine oil in which dust, carbon deposits, small metal particles and other foreign objects can get caught. This can lead to increased fuel consumption, reduced power. The replacement of this consumable is carried out together with the replacement of engine oil.

PREMIUM GUARD air filters are used to clean the air used by the car engine during the combustion of fuel. If a quality element is installed, then the level of protection against insects, dirt, and dust will be 100%. For safety, comfort, and protection of the respiratory system, each driver is advised to purchase a filter that will help keep dust, harmful gases and other environmental contamination outside the interior.

PREMIUM GUARD Diesel filters & PREMIUM GUARD Fuel filters filter garbage and liquid in fuel. They clean the fuel from the small impurities.

The highest quality PREMIUM GUARD Truck filters provide the best protection possible from dust and dirt particles which can enter the engine and cause extreme damage, ensuring that your trucks can go the long distance.

A filter that matches your car

When you have determined what types of filters are matched for your car, pay attention to the PREMIUM GUARD filters, checked in the catalog of our website. It is also recommended to seek the expert advice that can help you understand a large number of different models. Consult the manager of the Great Lakes Lubricants online auto parts store if you have any further questions or difficulties with car parts choice. You can make a purchase at any time convenient for you. The delivery is carried out throughout the United States.