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Buy Mobil oils to keep your car running smoothly!

Mobil motor oil is one of the most famous lubricants produced by Exxon Mobil Corporation, the largest oil company, since 1869 when the first oil well was drilled which served as the beginning of the oil rush in the USA. The story of Mobil oils lasts a century and a half. During this time, the concern has many times broken up into smaller companies, and then merged with other manufacturers. As a result, two global companies Exxon and Mobil were merged in 1999 and ExxonMobil was formed. In 1974, the company introduced Mobil 1™ motor oil to the marketplace making it the first globally available full synthetic motor oil.

Today Mobil engine oil overpasses the highest automakers standards and provides outstanding wear protection over the widest range of temperatures driving in both normal and extreme conditions.

Oils by formulation

A car engine is a complex machine with hundreds of moving parts built to work in a wide range of temperatures and loads. It should not only withstand these loads but also protect the engine from wear, corrosion, and deposits formation. Properly selected lubricant ensures a long service for the car engine. Mobil motor oils line meets the full range of drivers' needs:

  • Synthetic oils that typically outperform conventional engine oils enhancing the car protection and performance. (Mobil 1™)
  • Conventional oils used by drivers for cars and diesel trucks deliver proven protection to help extend engine life. (Mobil Super™ and heavy-duty Mobil Delvac™ 1300 Super engine oil)
  • High mileage oils formulated especially for extra care for cars with more than 75,000 miles.

 Mobil 1™ and its benefits

Since 1974 up to this day, Mobil 1™ is a revolutionary product at the lubricants market ensuring the customer's trust among world manufacturers, and ordinary drivers. This brand' leadership provides a high quality of the product and a unique composition that maintains the optimum degree of viscosity of the oil in any extreme conditions. Mobile lubricants have a number of excellent properties:

  • Excellent protection at high temperatures;
  • Faster lubrication at start-up in low temperatures;
  • More efficient engine operation over a wider temperature range;
  • Lower oil consumption under high-speed conditions;
  • Engine cleanliness;
  • Outstanding protection against harmful deposits;
  • Exceptional resistance to oil oxidation (thickening) that reduces engine drag and to thermal breakdown;
  • Minimizing oil degradation due to rapid lubrication of engine parts and their low friction due to the low viscosity of this engine oil.

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